Not a bad thing, really..

  Assalamualaikum! :)
  Udh kelas 12 niih, kudu fokus sama 'gimana caranya lulus & tembus ptn' dulu deh. Btw saya senin bsk to sekolah yg pertama nih hahaha
Yesterday I got a question from my teacher which is really really really difficult to be answered. Bener deh.
The question was like this:
  T: "Sya"
  E: "Yaaa miss?"
  T: "Gimana progress hubungan sama dia?"
  E: "................"


Saya mau share lirik lagu nih. Semoga bisa mendalami liriknya ya hahaha

    Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing

Said all I want from you is to see you tomorrow
And every tomorrow, maybe you'll let me borrow your heart
And is it too much to ask for every Sunday
And while we're at it, throw in every other day to start

I know people make promises all the time
Then they turn right around and break them
When someone cuts your heart open with a knife, now you're bleeding
But I could be that guy to heal it over time
And I won't stop until you believe it
'Cause baby you're worth it

So don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love with me
'Cause you might look around and find your dreams come true, with me
Spent all your time and your money just to find out that my love was free
So don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love with me, me
It's not a bad thing to fall in love with me, me

Now how about I'd be the last voice you hear tonight?
And every other night for the rest of the nights that there are
Every morning I just wanna see you staring back at me
'Cause I know that's a good place to start

No I won't fill your mind
With broken promises and wasted time
And if you fall, you'll always land right in these arms
These arms of mine

Not such a bad thing to fall in love with me.

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