- begin this month

Assalamualaikum! :)

sesuai sama titlenya, begin this month, the meaning is, let's begin this month with some new things such as semangat, semangat, semangat dan gebetan semangat!!!!!!!!! 
last week i had so much fun! but not for the twelfth grade i think wkwkw. they had ujian akhir sekolah in one week. started from monday until friday and it continues until today, yes monday (again). and, yap. berakhirlah sudah liburan semingguku... /sad sad sad/

besok i have to start my daily-life-as-one-of-those-61's-student again. HAHHHH. semoga besok masih santai amiiiinnn. and on the next day aka wednesday, i'll had chems remedial HAHHH padahal i'vebelajar all day long about this udah so hard bgt tapi why masih remed jugak!!! T_T i'm so tired..

if i could enough money and enough semangat and enough anything...
ah ngayal mulu. 
ah ngeluh mulu.
ah ngarep mulu. 
kapan suksesnya kalo gitu terus?
kapan suksesnya kalo gini terus?

kayaknya nggak produktif deh kalo masih ngelanjutin surfing on internet like what i'm doing right now..
i know this post is random enough but i love making such a random post (as you know)
yaudah, i think i have to end this post (sedih)

nih ya for y'all yang masih sma (about 10-11 grader), kalian have some good skills for taking photos & kira2 mau daftar lomba rally photo, daftar yuk di CROPS EXCLUSIVE 2014! registration still open kok! biayanya 75rb &udah termasuk uang cetak fotonyaa!
nah kalo tertarik, kindly contact me +6283812807423 (bisa whatsapp, bisa sms, gabisa nelpon. hehe)


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