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Assalamualaikum bloggie! Nightynight!
Anywayy tanggal 23 nih ihihihi
This post is gonna tell you a little bit about... how I feel these days. Lately I've been so easily sensitive by words or something than before. 
PMS? I think so.. but surely I never been like this before.
Over galau? Not sure about this one-_-
Upcoming daily tests? Gausah ditanya dah kalo ginian, inimah udah makanan pokok kali-___-
Well, lets start this pooost..

Is that a candy? Is that a salt? Coffee? Otak-otak yang addictive? What does 'love' mean in our reality?
Let's check about others opinion by... BROWSING HAEHAHEHAE.
I think, if someone said "Love is like a candy, it's sweet, or maybe sour. It could be unique when you eat it for the first time. But it will be not unique anymore if you eat that everytime in your life time." ya like that dah statementnya sedenger2nya gue. Tapi love juga bisa kayak coffee, gaselamanya kopi itu pait gitu tapi pasti ada kopi yang manis ya ga? :)
Well, this post should be sounds so mellow...

I admired someone for a long long long time (cmiiw, from oct'12 until now, is that a long time?). But I think, is that just an admire feeling? Ahaha I think not only that, pasti more than that.. and, yep. My friends said so. I have a feeling with him but.. ahaha rasanya trapped on a stuck relationship which makes you couldnt have any opportunity to get a 'special relationship' or just call it with 'more-than-friend'.
I'm not the one who can be so easily fall in love to another guy. I swear. When I fall in love with someone, it tooks long time, very very long time to convince my heart (ahseek) about how I feel to him (which is someone). One day, my friend (uh, just friend?) played a song from his phone. Well its indonesia's song but surely the lyrics really touchy.
And I'm trying to analyze what's the meaning of the lyrics instead. Ah-se-liiii ini jadi bikin mellow aja!!!!

Intinya dari post ini adalah:
Don't you dare to leave the one who loves you just for the 
sake of person that you like. 

I wanna love you like the hurricane, like a mountain rain; so wild, so pure, so strong and crazy for you..

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