favorite song


i just wanna share my favorite song. eh ga favorite jgdeng, biasa aja. but i like to play them ajagt. here is it:
1. part of me (katy perry)
2. just the way i'm not (atl)
3. love is you (ten 2 five)
4. young wild free (wiz khalifa ft. others *-_-)
5. stay awake (acoustic) (atl)
6. dakota (arttm)
7. mr. know it all (kelly clarkson)
8. you can (david archuleta)
9. in your atmosphere (john mayer)

*ps: all above udah di linked jd tinggal lo klik trs download kalo pengen lagunya

gatau tiba2 gue lupa gue mau ngetik apaan lagi. -_-wkwk


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